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Kongregate Games Section

Kongregate Games Section With Comments 1.0

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8thos submitted a new resource:

Kongregate Games Section With Comments (version 1.0) - How to create a basic arcade with Xenforo pages

This resource is unsupported 8/9/2012

This is a basic guide on how to create a Kongregate arcade section and comment the games on your site. Games can be easily added to your default xenforo pages by embedding the games listed on this site: http://www.kongregate.com/games_for_your_site For the purposes of this resource and due to my limited time I can only teach you how to add an index with thumbnails and one game.


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Thank you 8thos!
I have a question, how it works the highscore part?
In Kongregate, stanting at their FAQs, scores are stored in the user's computer.
So if user change computer/browser, old scores don't show up.

With your resource are stored in the database?


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This only embeds their games to your site. The games are hosted on kongregate.

I haven't actually saved a score before because I rarely play games. You should try it out to see if it does.
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I'm asking because in the demo link you posted some highscores are saved... oppppps my fault, I clicked on "Arcade" but that's xfArcade!!