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[KL] Anonymous Links 2.0.1

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katsulynx submitted a new resource:

[KL] Anonymous Links - Hide where your users are comming from.

[KL] Anonymous Links
This addon allows you to redirect all links posted by your users to a no-referer-service to hide where they're originally come from. It only proxies links where BbCode is parsed and does not rely on JavaScript to work.

  • Redirect all Links to Refer-Service
  • Currently supported...
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Just installed this on 1.5.2 and it doesn't appear to change anything. External links look exactly the same. I turned off BBCode caching and get the same results. Nothing in the whitelist. I don't have any other add-ons that affect URLs. Any other options that might affect this addon?


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I tried that when creating the addon, but the HideMyAss Anon service is broken and all links created lead to a dead end. (Try their example on the site you posted.)


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Any update on this? I just installed it and it doesn't redirect me to the sites that were in the drop down.


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Not sure what's going on. I installed it correctly. The options for Anonymous Links showed up. There's nothing in permissions. Does this not work if WMTech Link Essentials is also installed?


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Does this not work if WMTech Link Essentials is also installed?
Can't tell as I have no access to said add-on. There could potentially be an interference though and I'd say it's the most likely the case. I think it's best if you ask them directly, they can probably tell you more.


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katsulynx updated [KL] Anonymous Links with a new update entry:

Version 2.0

  • Add-On ID has been changed. If you're upgrading from a previous version, please read the notice below.
  • Most core functionality has been rewritten.
  • Deprecated Refer-Hosters have been removed.
  • Features a unified installer used among my Add-Ons to eliminate (un-)installation bugs in the future.

  • Upgrading from a previous version:
    • Make a backup of your whitelist.
    • Uninstall...
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Is it possible to use custom refer-service? Like, you'll only have to provide something like, http://somecustomreferer.com/?url={url}, or something like that. I kinda plan to use this add-on as an alternative to External Link Interstitial add-on because I want to make my own external link warning page which doesn't ride on XenForo templates and all that stuff.