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Looks good. Congrats.

How long ago did you move to Xenforo and how have your members reacted to the change?

Shaun :D


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Looks good.

A few little things I think you should change.

The colour of the countdown I feel should be a nice redish colour? Blue for me, especially with the styles colour scheme doesn't suit in my opinion. I'd recommend the following:


.countDown .dash . digit {
color: #c61717;
On the frontpage .sectionFooter .social the gradient seems to start in the middle. Possibly re-create a gradient and haveit flow from the top down ? Also, in the same area, i noticed a mixture of a solid and dashed border which looks odd. Perhaps go for one or the other though i personally think in this case a solid border would be best (shown in screenshot)


I'd also think about scouring the areas which have the blue (date container on the frontpage) and changing this to compliment look consistent with the colour scheme for this style. I haven't glanced at other areas but blue and this rich red imo doesn't go well.

Other than that, nice job. :)


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ok thx, countdown is now blue :)
i would like to change weekdays language. can u help me?
I actually did suggest you change it to a red and rid the style from any blue >> #c61717 but it's your site, your call :LOL:

I haven't looked at this add-on but looking at the html you can change that in the template. I'm not sure whether those are phrased.

<span class="dash_title">Weeks</span>