Kier you really need to log in

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As as outsider viewing the xenForo debacle from afar, you really need to log in and restore faith in this community. I think the very act of seeing your avatar in the online box would fix 80% of the situation. You don't even need to post or do anything. I know getting a divorce can be tough but taking 1 min out of your day to log in and see what the community is becomming will surly help you make xF better.

That is all.

Pope Viper

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Divorce? And Kier personally told you this?

Besides, if it is a divorce, and there is a child involved. Last thing he needs is to get tied into something that is taking his time away from his family.

Not to mention it's none of our damn business.

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You are right it's none of my damn business. But for people who put money into investing in xenForo, i think they deserve an answer. Time to file a class action lawsuit i say.
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