Keep it simple


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My feature wish is actually that you do not put too many user features into the forum. Users are not programmers and most often not that technical, well unless it is some kind of a tech forum. If there are too much smart things that you can do then, it will be difficult for new non tech users to understand and they will not become active members.

On the administration site, there you can put all the smart and technically advanced features that help admins and moderators run the forum.

The change I see in forums over the last 10 years, is that it is now more niche than ever, which means there is something for everyone – including the non tech people. Also forums are now more commercial than ever, and they are often run to make profit.

So my biggest feature request is to keep it simple, user-friendly and intuitive for the user.


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When I first seen and used XenForo, the first thing that caught my eye was the simplistic and uncluttered look of the UI, the second was how easy it was to pickup on and use.

When I visit a non XenForo site, what stands out most to me now is how cluttered they look, and how clunky they feel. I was so used to them that I never took notice.