Just how far can you customise Xenforo?


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We want to incorporate a forum in to our community site, but ultimately we want to be able to add/remove/monitor features at an ever changing level. Have any people here ever come up against insurmountable problems?
Typical features -

We want to combine forum actions with actions elsewhere on our site to be able to create our own XP site-wide
Same as above but with badges & achievements
We'd like to have a tickbox option for whether a particular thread is indexed for SEO or not
Can our site-registered members automatically be given access to the forum without having to re register?

I'm sure there's other things but generally this sums up things where I think we could have issues. For context, we have a decent dev team so can generally manipulate our way around most things, but if there's any absolute blocks it would be good to know.

Apologies if this is in the wrong thread...just looks like the best section to be in