Jump-to Links on Pages.


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When I moved my community's game guidebook/manual's pages onto Xenforo, some of the coding stopped working. One of these were the jump-to links (if they have a more technical name, I don't know it). Here's coding examples from one of the pages:

<h2><a name=bh>Sizaeling Assassins Before Havazeti</a></h2>
<a href=#bh>Sizael Assassins: Before Havazeti</a>
Live preview of the page if needed

This worked fine before and was greatly loved by members and potential new members, so I'd really love to have a fix that doesn't involve typing out the full, url for each jump-to link if possible. I tried this:

<div class="baseHtml">content</div>
But that didn't work this time round. Any ideas?


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It probably returns the pages/assassins/ part. It is probably more future proof than what I suggested, cause if the URL of the page changes, my version will no longer work.