July 28, 2012 - XenForo's 2nd Birthday


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Yes, well done on the achievements so far - it's a testiment to everyone involved in developing and supporting XF - staff and customers alike. (y)

And hang in there Mike, Ashley and Kier - you've got a great future ahead once the legal stuff is sorted. XF is cracking sofware and we can't wait to see where you take it next. (y)



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2 years already? Wow, time sure does fly. :)

Congrats to KAM, the staff at xenForo.com and the wonderful and generous community members that make up this wonderful slice of the internet ;)


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Happy birthday xenforo and a thankyou to the "community 3rd party devs and contributors" that are keeping xf alive. And also to brogan who imo built and set the foundations of xenforo through is hard thankless laboring. And to Jake bunce also.

Adam Howard

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Congratulations and Happy 2nd Anniversary XenForo

Here is to wishing XenForo, staff, developers, and the community; many more successful and products years to come.


Congrats team on a job well done. Hard to believe 2 years has already come, seems so quick!