Join the XenForo Cloud Beta (now with add-on support)

When we announced XenForo Cloud a little while back, we were encouraged by the great feedback we received. Having taken onboard all your comments, we have been hard at work refining our offering to make it an even more compelling proposition, and today we are ready to talk about some of the changes we've implemented.


Not content with already offering the industry's most capable and responsive infrastructure, we are now using even more powerful hardware with faster clock speeds and local NVMe solid state storage.


While we had originally intended to make an initial outing for XenForo Cloud without add-on support, we have made advances in this field such that we will now launch with full add-on support, just as you would have on a self-hosted deployment. Just install the add-on from the add-on archive/zip file in your admin control panel.*

Register your interest​

To help us test the next phase of XenForo Cloud please register your interest. If you have already done so, there is no need to do it again. A number of customers (both new and existing) will be invited to sign up for the XenForo Cloud beta at a hugely discounted rate of $30 per month or get two months free by signing up for a full year ($300 per year).

The discounted rate will always be valid for as long as you keep the subscription. We won't increase the price but you may need to upgrade to a larger package as your forum grows.

We are not yet ready to offer a data migration service, so priority will be given to those looking to launch a new community.

We look forward to welcoming you at the start of our journey and look forward to seeing you grow your community on XenForo Cloud.

* Some add-ons may not be compatible with XenForo Cloud or may require further review by XenForo before being approved.
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