Jet Boaters Community Forum

We are on the fourth day of public operation of our new forum and have reached ~170 users and 3,500 posts in that time.

Here is a little bit of our launch announcement;

When the top members of a Yamaha Jet Boating site on the net wanted new features, technology and an ad free forum is the awesome result! If you are a jet boater interested in sharing, discussing, mod'ing and enjoying your is for you! This new site eases our communication by leveraging the latest forum technology.

Features Include:
  • WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) editor
  • Integrated member map
  • Drag and drop image inserting
  • Post "likes"
  • Member trophies
  • Facebook login
  • User tagging
  • Bullets, numbering and indents
  • Embedded video playing
  • Linked media gallery
  • Smartphone friendly browsing/posting and adding images!
All of the above makes interactions on the forum a breeze and fun as well!
So quick, find your favorite photo or question and come on over to the hottest new forum on Jet boats! Hurry, as our first order of business is to post up logo designs, vote, and get some great Jetboater stickers, Can Coolers and Logo wear out before the season starts! (The logo above is a member submission! Thanks Glassman!)

We look forward to seeing you at (Member owned and operated-multiple members that is!)

XenForo and the add-ons we are running have made building the forum a breeze! Thank you!