It's no longer KAM!

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XenForo is developed like iPhones or Intel CPUs. Tik-Tok. 1.0 was the exception (like with iPhones).

2007 - iPhone - Exception
2008 - iPhone 3G - Tik
2009 - iPhone 3GS - Tok
2010 - iPhone 4 - Tik
2011 - iPhone 4S - Tok
2012 - iPhone 5 - Tik
2013 - Guess what's next ;)

Intel CPUs:
This list is too long, so I'll just give you that link:

XF 1.0 - Exception (Kier)
XF 1.1 - Kier
XF 1.2 - Mike
XF - Kier

Get the idea?

This is my conspiracy theory and it makes a lot more sense than most of the others, admit it :)


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I think it's more MMMMMMMMMAK.

(Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, oh and Ashley and Kier).

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Well at least you guys haven't resorted to writing out fan written erotica between members and KAM... or you have and I've been lucky to have not seen it. In the event the latter is true, I don't want to see it.

Brandon Sheley

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As long as work is being done and we're getting info on new additions I really don't care who is or isn't posting in the forums ;)

and tbh, I wouldn't really care otherwise either, my site is running fine, the future is bright ;)
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