XF 2.2 Issues Parsing Grid-Area


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I'm having a really odd issue on my site. I have a few custom BBCodes set up - one that parses as a <style> tag, displayed as [style], one that parses as a <div> with a class, displayed as [class=], and one that parses as a normal classless <div> with parameters, displayed as [div=]. For whatever reason, the grid-area CSS property isn't functioning properly using the [style] and [class] tags, but its working properly with the [div] tag. See the BBCode in the attached, as well as the output for each example. This problem literally only started happening last night, and up until then both ways of using the grid-area property through BBCode worked functionally identically.

Nothing has been changed on the site save for moving some nodes into a new category, but the issues with the [style] tag contents parsing incorrectly is happening site-wide, not only in the moved nodes, so I doubt that's the issue. Any sort of insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

Attached below are the code side by side for a grid using both the [style] and [class] tags method and the [div] tag method. They should behave identically, but at the moment they are not.


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