Is this a typical forum scenario?

I have been experimenting with quite some xenForo trails. A trial lasts for only 3 days, I cannot try out my entire case in one run. So, just to be sure, can xenForo support a typical forum scenario like this.

  1. The end-user opens the company website and navigates to the forum or community page. He selects a forum category and posts a new thread (after logging in/signing up).
  2. The new thread is kept in a moderation queue and is not yet visible to the public. One or more supervising moderators are notified through email.
  3. A supervisor assigns the thread to a moderator. The assigned moderator is notified through email. As an alternative, the moderators could assign new threads to themselves.
  4. The assigned moderator ensures that the disciplinary policy is followed and that the site rules are not breached. He then approves the thread and the thread becomes visible to other people in the community.
  5. As people walk through the forums they can post replies (after logging in/signing up). A reply is by default "unapproved" and not visible to the public. The assigned moderator receives an email on each new reply, verifies and approves the replies.
  6. After a while, the moderator can close the thread and people can no longer post replies. The creator of the thread is notified through email.
  7. If required, the moderator can reopen the thread.



XenForo moderator
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Threads and posts can be placed in the moderation queue but there is no email notification of this and they cannot be assigned to specific moderators.
Moderators who have the relevant permissions in the respective forums will see the posts in the queue and will be able to process them.

Replies can be moderated.
Email notification of individual threads and forums is possible.

Threads can be closed and reopened but there is no alert or email sent.
So, when someone posts a new thread it is by default "Approved" and therefore immediately visible to the entire community.
My concern is that our moderator cannot watch all the forums 24/7 and occasionally some new threads might "slip" through. Meanwhile our entire community can read any inappropriate post. Isn't there really no way to set the "Unapproved" status by default to all new threads and replies?