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is there any way to send the registration mail to the user AGAIN ?


Well-known member
I do have a couple users at my website who did not confirm their registration e-mail, for whatever reason.

Is there a way to re-send this e-mail including the registration-link AGAIN to the user ?
So sending a reminder to the user including the confirmation-link to make the user finish on his registration.


Well-known member
Additionally, tell them to be sure to check their spam/junk folders for the email.

For whatever reason, every email I get from every XF community is landing in my junk/spam folder.


Well-known member
yeah, I know this.

But seeing users have signed-up but did not manage to click on their confirmation-link is annoying.

It would be cool to have an option to send the "Confirmation E-Mail" again to the user who has signed-up but did not click on the confirmation-link.

I guess Mike & Kier could code this feature in 5 minutes and it would help a lot.