Is there an Addon to allow me to create Pages in a better way with images included and some basic options for HTML without coding everything


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Hi there, I am looking for a solution to create pages (not threads) in an easier way. Without coding everything from scratch. Currently there is just a blank page to start from (see: below).
The window for the pages is also a bit "small" (the content is not completely visible).
I want to create a listing of Clubs by City and Showcase images.

Is there any solution for that?

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Depending on what "simple" does mean to you and which OS you do use:

In Windows, the app Notepad is usually always installed and is really simple to use (though it is not comfortable).
If you want smth. with more features, find your favorite tool/editor/app - there are zillions.

Often used installed tools might be Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad++, PHPStorm, ...
What I often do is use Wordpress install. Create the page in Wordpress visual editor, then go to text editor and copy paste the html into xf page.

You do need an extra Wordpress plug-in to show paragraphs in html instead of auto render, plus is better with classic editor rather than Gutenberg blocks IMO.
That looks good.
XF should buy all of Xon's addons' rights and integrate them into the core to be honest. I don't want to imagine the day he leaves this place, his expertise is so valuable to the community. In my eyes the highest ranked "community member" here.
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