Is there a way to limit how many RSS feed will show.?


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I have a few RSS feeds and unfortunately the reader is very limited in settings.
So ever 12 hours the feeds load up the forum, you can go beyond 12 hours or set intervals, I am hoping there
is away ti limit how many at a time it import.

Or anyone know of an add-on that work better then the stock rss feed?



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Thank you I had seen it, but wont limit the amount showing up in recent posts.
And members need to see new ones just not 10 of them, mayebe 3-4.
I have 4 feeds so if they all post 10 well thats 40 post flooding the site the same time,
It weird as SMF I can do that in Simple Portal in a snap because it allow variation
both on time and amount showing. It seems like thos programing would do this without even blinking.,
That 12 hour set is very annoying and now limit makes it worse. Cant seem to find a work around yet.

Thank you though.

Daniel Hood

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If you change the frequency and run times then it won't be so much at once.

For example since you have 4, you could run 1 at x:00, 1 at x:15, 1 at x:30 and your last one at x:45. Then have them run every hour or two. That should make less build up in between.

At the moment, there are no other solutions. If you really need a limit added, I'd recommend hiring someone to do a custom job here:


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The settings I have do not allow run times ??? Is there other settings?
My setting in 1.2.5 hove intervals only . or I would choose the time option.
Need a limit, or a time of day option neither are present. Not really worth paying for it
to get done since its such a simple as thing. Maybe I will put in the suggestion as SMF has had this for years.
So when I setup RSS finally I thought for sure it would have the most basic of settings like time of day
or amounts. Having neither kinds shocked me it was not there, unless I am missing something as mentioned.