XF 1.3 Is there a way to do this?


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I am using simple forms on my website which allows a user to input specific information and once they submit it the information creates a thread in a specific forum by that user. Because of the nature of the information I do not want that forum to be in public view so I have it in a private forum.

So my questions is: is it possible to have the individual be able to only see that thread of theres so that I can interact back and forth with them.

I thought of having once someone submits this form of having them added to a user group that would have permission to view that forum but then I realized there will be other forms/applications in there and I do not want them to see those. I hope I have been clear and maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

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Not without an add-on, no (for the form). You can adjust permissions so that only they can see their own threads.

Im not sure what you mean by no for the form. I only added I am using a mod that is form like. However when the users submits the form it submits it as a thread in the forum under their username and etc...

if you say there is an add-on is there one out there. I really thought this might be some permission configuration


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We use this:


Have it setup on http://pixelexit.com the same way you want it.

When people submit an inquiry for custom work it creates a thread by them in our "design services" node.

There's a few ways to take it from there... on ours we hide that node to everyone except someone who submits a form(we auto-promote using the add-on to a usergroup which has access to the node).

So users can only view their own posts(except on yours you may want to "view threads by others" hit revoke on that one.