XF 1.2 Is there a way to change avatar sizes and positions?


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Here is my situation. I have recently purchased XenForo and I am configuring it to my needs. The only thing I have done with the forum so far was to install this theme - http://xenforo.com/community/resources/vb-3-x-fluid-fixed.2151/

Since then I have centred the username and usertitle and moved them above the avatar, there was no issues there :). I ran into problems when trying to centre the avatar and user info text (location, messages etc). I tried this code:

.profilePage .avatarScaler {
text-align: center;
I placed it in EXTRA.css and it does nothing, however this code appears to work for other people. I also ran into restrictions when trying to change the avatar sizes. I was wondering if you could set a specific size and not just s,m and l? Medium is too small for my users postbit area and large is way too big. I can't seem to find any guides on creating a specific size limit on avatars and not just having s,m and l. Surely a method must exist as there must be code defining s,m and l.

If anyone can help me with any one of these questions I would be very grateful, and in turn, when I learn information here I will try my best to pass that on and help others who are new this software in future.