Is the update user trophies cron working at all on 1.2?


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Heya there.

I must say i am confuse with something around.
I added today new trophies, i have a bunch of online users that would win those trophies, so go to admin CP and run the cron.

I end up noticing, well, none of the users have received the trophies they are supposed to when i ran the cron (but it did to me). Why?

The 1.2 change is that things as trophies, usergroup promotions, etc.. update when the user logins, but if i keep the "Remember me" like the other members, and this cron did not take effect into award the trophies to such users.... Is this a bug?

Also another problem is that, i by mistake added the like ratio trophy without a min message count, so some users who were not supposed to got the trophy, now i gone back to the trophy, edited to add the min messages and its points. So i ask...
Isn't it supposed to update the users with the trophy, removing it, and updating the trophy point count?
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Rebuild Trophy Caches did work, the users got awarded but...

The users who already got the trophy awarded, kept it, but they don't meet the requirements to have it anymore, isn't cache rebuilt supposed to update that? Do i need to delete the trophies and re-create them again?

EDIT: Searched around, i must delete them and re-create again so the trophy points get correctly displayed to everybody.