Is the header now responsive in XF 1.2 RC2?

Lone Wolf

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I couldn't find anything on this so I thought I'd ask.

I uploaded a header, which was 800 pixels wide, on XF 1.2 Beta 3 but the header wasn't responsive and retained its's size on my phone. But in RC2 the header shrinks to fit my mobile screen.

Is this a new responsive feature?


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i dont recall making any css edits for a fluid header unless it was something left over from Artys responsive plugin. Ehh, at any rate if it aint broke, yatta yatta yatta..

Lone Wolf

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Although the header shrinks to the right size, there are large spaces above and below the header. I've seen it on my test site and on Shelley's site too.

Is there anyway to get rid of those spaces?

Lone Wolf

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It requires custom CSS.
There is an add-on here if you don't want to do it yourself:
Thanks but if this happens to every XenForo website then shouldn't it be fixed in the core rather than require an addon? I'm sure there aren't supposed to be large gaps above and below the header by default which push the content down the page and some of it past the scroll point.
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