Is possible get forum alerts on Facebook?


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Hi everybody

I remember have read a thread where some users were talking about this. I'm really interested in display forum alerts on Facebook like "somebody has replied your thread on X forum".

If I remember well a few coders said it was possible to do but the thread didn't catch too much attention.

Can anybody send me the link to that thead or use this one to discuss about this function?



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I did research on this once and it would take a restructuring of the core integration.
It appears as if Facebook integration only stores facebook_auth_id, which isn't what we'd need to access certain features. What I see being needed is:
  • Upon registration (or post registration), when associating a user, access the User Graph API.
  • Grab & Store at least the id property / field.
Then depending on what you'd like to do, perform the following using the Notifications API on...
  • Reply to a thread (check to see if user has posted in it)
  • Posts a new thread to the forum
  • Integrated with an add-on such as [bd] tag me to facilitate bringing users into the conversation
If you'd like to, you may contact me through PC about it.
I found it :)
Do you still think it can be done by you?