Is license fee one time or recurring? (plus 2 other questions)


Gotta three issues to be addressed here:

One, I would like to know if I pay for License is it one time or do I have to renew every year? I have searched the forum, and read the License Agreement but couldn't find an answer to that.

Two, I am overjoyed by the Facebook (FB) sign in option. However upon trying it I came across one of those FB apps installation page. So suppose I install XenForo on my domain and enable FB logins, will the data collected from FB be stored in my server/domain or is it centrally collected at XenForo servers?

Three, How strong are Anti-SPAM defences in XF? Is it built to withstand X-rummer attacks? And all those porn-site promoters out there? I want a reliable forum that can be used by people I respect. It will be a shame if porn promoters ever take foot on my site. Show me all the key anti-SPAM measures so that I can evaluate them.


PS: XF looks amazing. I hope you guys (Xfrocks) are for the long run because it will be disheartening if you drop the ball down the road.


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The license is a one-time $140 fee and a $40 optional annual renewal fee for access to official support & upgrades.

Nothing is centrally collected by XenForo, anything on your forum is stored on your forum, XenForo isn't an intermediate.

XF has the spam cleaner, plus q&a/CAPTCHA to prevent bot registrations.
There is also Jaxel's XenUtilities add-on which checks a new registration with and two other anti-spam databases to make sure it's not a well-known scammer.

Either way, you're in much better hands than, say, a vBulletin user who doesn't do any extra configurations.
One more question .. is there a way to create a normal looking static home page using XF script? I want to use it as sales page to the forum. I want the whole thing integrated in stead of having a sales page at www*mycommunity*com, and forum at www*mycommunity*com/forum/


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    If selected, an administrator will need to manually approve users before their registration is completed.
How to optimize performance for speedy loading of pages and processing of queries? Any suggestions are welcome. I am not a coder so for instance what is good for jQuery? Local or external? What kind of trade offs are there when choosing btn local and external jQuery?

What other settings are important for performance?


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External jQuery will load simultaneously with the rest of your page, whereas local jQuery won't.
Also, external jQuery has more chance of being cached by visitors (i.e. google CDN)


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We don't really provide detailed support or styling customisation such as that in the pre-sales forum.

This forum is just intended to provide general support to those who are interested in purchasing.


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Strictly speaking, styling and customisation is not an official support issue.
Having said that, most, if not all styling questions are usually resolved fairly quickly.

Someone from the community is usually happy to help with most things.

For more complex styling or customisation, then it will probably require contracting someone to design a custom style, if you are unable to do it yourself.