is it possible to....


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I noticed the new system now between a regular moderator and a super moderator now share the same user group but set permissions distinguish between them, now thats good but sadly I give my super moderators a different username markup as compaired to the moderators.. is there any way to have a markup code that will basically be in lamens term;

if person super then username colour ###
person gets colour ###
or must I create a NEW usergroup for the supers and just change the markup there.


Jake Bunce

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You would have to create a new group. But it's very easy to do.

Create a new group with no permissions set (all Default):

Admin CP -> Users -> Create User Group

Specify the User Name CSS and a high Display Styling Priority (higher than the other groups). Then put the user into the new group as a secondary usergroup:

Admin CP -> Users -> Search for Users