Is it possible to turn off email notifications?


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is it possible to turn off email notifications? im looking (and i tried searching) and i cant find it.


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For what in particular?

Email related to watched threads can be disabled here:

whenever i get 'start' a conversation or reply (or i think when i get an alert ATM) I love the software, I am just new to it. I did try and search, but I don't quite know what I am looking for.

Oh, and my users... after 5 minute of being on your beta 3 want me to switch from vB4 NOW! haha.


Overwhelming staff with emails and modbar notifications only results in them completely ignoring it after a while.


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my board has about 6000 registered users and 10,000 people who flow through it. they are like happy, quote happy, and PM happy. just an option to choose what email notifications you get would be nice.

also, if someone WERE to choose email notifications for conversations, how about an option to include the conversation in the email?


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You can run an SQL query if you're comfortable doing that and have access to e.g. phpMyAdmin?

Ensure you take a backup first whenever working on the database.
Then run this query:
UPDATE xf_user_option SET email_on_conversation = 0;