Is it possible to make a .jpeg transparent?


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Forgive me if this is a stupid question! Uve tried many times to get along with image programs but its never worked!

Is it possible to make a .jpeg file transparent?


This is the logo I have. Is there anyway I can remove the blue from the sides and from between the turrets to make it transparent whilst reducing the overall size of the image as well?


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That image format doesn't support tranparency.

Convert it to a .gif or .png instead.

Tell me what size you want the image and I'll do it for you.

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I've cleaned up the jpeg compression, averaged the blue colors, and fixed the second turret and fixed the top right one. Removed the blue background, but kept the white lines, and white inside.
And cropped the image to it's corners, but did not resize the actual pixels.

Below is the same image as above, but content has been preserved while size has been adjusted. Keeping it's sharpness, the white at the bottom has been trimmed so it's less high. And the turrets have been rescaled so the total is lower and less wide.

Next to each other:



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Wow, thank you so much floris, I really really apprciate that. Ive used the small one at the end of the row of three and it looks great.