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Is it Possible to get IPB Looking Skins for Xenforo?

let me state that i'm not posting this to get flamed or anything.

In my opinion IPB Looks a lot nicer than Xenforo Does. This is my opinion and i'm entitled to having an opinion. I Used to be with IPB on my previous website and due to the nature of the website, we were a heavy target to hackers. There are a number of 0day Exploits for IPB, and we finally got hacked when we reached the 10,000 member mark. I then decided to move to Xenforo because of the issue and we have been okay so far.

Im in love with Xenforo for their lack of exploits on their software. It is very well written and i'm grateful for this. My Question is that is there a way to get the same look of IPB, but using the forum software Xenforo?

Here is a Example of what i am talking about

I'm not going to put loads of images about what i want, but is there a way to get this type of look using xenforo?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and i hope you understand where im coming from :)


Well-known member
There´s always a way to customize Xenforo to look completely different. I am working myself on a Style looking like a mixture of IPB and some others.
So if you get used to Xenforo´s Styling with investing some Time and knowing PHP a bit, maybe some Help from around here, you can do almost everything with Xenforo.