Is it possible to delete likes?


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Would it be okay if I ran this SQL?
DELETE FROM xf_liked_content WHERE content_user_id = 792
Would this be all that's needed to delete likes from the system? Would this be safe? Would this automatically lower the likes count of a user? Would it happen after a cron job runs? Would it happen AT ALL? Are likes even counted like that at all? Or are they simply added and subtracted from a user's profile as they happen?

Rigel Kentaurus

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Check Model/Like.php, method likeContent() line ~140

                    UPDATE xf_user
                    SET like_count = like_count + 1
                    WHERE user_id = ?
So, to answer your question, that would delete the like, but it would not decrement the amount of likes from the user. Nor it would decrement on a cron job.

There is another count in the like column of the content type. For example, the xf_post table has a likes column, same with xf_profile_post