RM 1.0 Is it possible to add a "Most Reviews Tab"?


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At the moment the resource manager has 4 tabs.

Latest Updates
Newest Resources
Top Resources
Most Downloaded

I'm looking to add a 5th Tab.
Most Reviews (as in which resources has gotten the most written reviews)

Is this possible ? I looked for an add-on but i didn't see one.

Or would that require a custom add-on?

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Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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Top resources = Most Reviews ? no ?
'rating_weighted' is determined by the average rate and total number of rating (what Brogan mentioned on the next post). If you visit the link you'll see that the most rated one is the second item and the first item has the overall highest rating.
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I just finished testing it and its exactly what i wanted.

As you can see in the image below the worst rated had the most reviews so it's at the top.


And here is sorted by Top Resources


I see you just made it not too long after i made this thread. Thanks a lot, Appreciated!