XF 1.2 Is it possible for this feature to be given to mods?


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That. Basically the advanced user search. Our mods on vBulletin do rely on this feature alot (searching for duplicate users, trolls etc) and to promote each of them to an Admin just for this task is overkill (and not a feasible option).

Would it be possible via a plugin perhaps?


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You'll need to give them appropriate administrator permissions. You may be able to modify the permission checks for this using a plugin, but I wouldn't suggest it.


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Thanks Jeremy.
I think it's quite a big hole in the XenForo way of doing things. Alot of forums I have moderated on over the years, I have had the facility to search for users and user fields, see those accounts (and emails) and also search IP addresses.
It's what alot of the nuts and bolts moderator work is (besides thread moves / closures etc).
Most of our moderation I'd say is moderation of the community, rather than functional moderation.