Is CNN trying to sell me something?


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I'm curious...... is CNN trying to sell me something? LOL Geesh! They must be going through some tough financial times to allow this much advertising on one page. What a turn off. Oh wait, that is exactly what I did, turn CNN off. LOL Perfect example of how to turn off a viewer with ads.

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Hey there's still some propaganda *cough* news between the ads. I especially like the NSA 'leaker' (not 'whistleblower') part.


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It always amuses me when forum admins suggest Adblock software. Even if it is one Administrator to another.. Only types of Ads i'm ever really bothered by are the pop ups that i have to manually close to view the content i arrived on the site to view in the first place.. As a Website Administrator i totally get Ads and am not bothered by them in the least.. I guess i also understand why people would be annoyed by them but it is what it is..


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Like VonDoom said, I don't like pop up ads but other ads don't annoy me. Sometimes they amuse me. When I'm on another forum sometimes I'll see someone complain about seeing too many gay ads.
Then the users be like 'that's cause your cookies are being tracked and they can tell what you search on the web'. :LOL:


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The whole things was so in your face. I mean their header is the same red color as all their ads. It was like one big friggen flash of red. What they heck are they thinking?


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4-6 ads per page is WAY too many. It's like those download sites that have a tiny link to the actual download and a hundred other links/buttons that will load toolbars or other bloatware.