Is CISPA the new SOPA?

They keep renaming these things. Anything related here? Reading now...
Is CISPA the new SOPA?

YES :(

Government and Monopoly Business wants to control your Internet with the power equal to that of martial law. There will always be another bill and the name will always change, but the intention will be the same.

Problem is that the general public after a while just gives up fighting and accepts these sort of things. Which is kind of very disappointing when you really think about it....

It cost the general public nothing to call up Congress and tell them they don't want this. But it cost The Government and large companies millions and billions to get these things done.

So if it cost them millions and billions for them and its totally free for us.... Yet society historically always folds.... What does that say about free will? What does that say about societies values on freedom?
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