Add-on Is Anyone Using The Xenomorph Framework? What Do You Think?


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Is it any good? Worth the money? Looks interesting, just not sure if it's overkill or even needed. I am not a coder so it is hard for me to understand if this is powerful or not and would help me in designing my site. Are you using it?™-style-framework/

I personally think it's worth the money. There are an abundance of style properties added for greater customisation if you don't fancy using/typing code in the extra.css template. Most people don't touch the navigation but the xenmorph FW has many style properties added that aren't in the core style propeties to make life a little easier if the style properties is your thing and you want more customisation options.

There are a heap more features within the framework but i think it's worth every penny and if you get stuck I know John (owner) will guide you if you run into any issues his support is exceptional.

As stated above xenique also have a framework which is also good.