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Is adsense really worth it? Are there others?

I'm planning one day to put advertisements on my website, once it starts up. I always hear Google Adsense is the best to use, and is very simple. I also heard stories of people making ~$1500+ a month... I was wondering:

1. Should i use google adsense ONLY?
2. Is there other affiliate programs I can join that pay just as well, and do just as good?

Also, would like to know if anyone had a successful AdSense "story"? If so, how much did you make, or how much are you making now?

I just wanted to get some information so I know what path to follow.


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It depends on your website and your users.
For me adsense didnt work, so i have searched for other options - and have find some :)
But to start its surely the best.


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Well... for one thing, AdSense publishers are contractually obligated not to divulge how much they're making. ;)

How much you make depends on the quality of your user base, the time of year, the number of impressions per month, and the going rate for ads (which is affected to varying degrees by the previous three). The going rate is affected by all sorts of things, but can range from 10-25 cents per thousand impressions (CPM) up to a few dollars per CPM.

You can get a good idea of what you "might" make by looking at your monthly pageviews. If you're only doing 250k pageviews per month, it's going to take you a while to make any money from any ad provider. If you're doing 20 million views per month, well... you should have placed some ads a long time ago.

I've had pretty good success with using a more 'premium' service as my primary ad provider, then rolling over to AdSense at a certain price point. AdSense basically works as a remnant campaign. But that's good, because a lot of the higher-paying (per CPM) networks don't have enough inventory to fill all your impressions.

The only way you'll know how much you can make is by testing out the ads on your site. If you decide to do it, you'll probably need to let it run for a few months. I found that my CPM rates rose over time, presumably as the ad networks compiled data on my users and figured out what they were "worth". They still vary, but they average higher now than they did for the first 2-3 months.
That was another plan of mine, as I put up the ad's I was going to than create a "premium" membership to my site, in which it gets rid of all the ads for a price, as well as makes your account available to other sections of my site (parts in which u may download files, etc.). The question I have is, if I were to do that how do I go about removing the ad's when the user logs in as a Premium Member?


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Adsense is decent choice by many. I personally do't make a lot of money but Its does cover the spend so for me its satisfying . Its worth the try my advise for you is to keep your site clean. meaning not to many ads choice good placement and I wish you the best.

steven s

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I use
vibrant media
My adsense is probably 6x what I get from viglinks and vibrant media combined.
They have all been good for me.
I've resisted paid sponsor ads.
Does anyone understand how advertising works if i wanted to advertise FOR a company? For instance, I contact the company, tell them i'd like to advertise for them, then go advertise for them (say facebook), and get a % of what they make? What's that job title called, and how does it work if anyone knows :p?

(my girlfriends brother does it, and hes a millionaire.... I wanna learn...) The only reason i don't ask him, is cause I don't wanna seem like all in his business, etc.


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i am going to TRY to answer your question :D the best way to tell them is to create a page in your site that includes how many visitor and pagviews you get per month with every detail about the success of their proudct (company) and they'll contact if they are interesting

good luck (y)