Is a classified section possible?


I was wondering if there is anything that would allow for a classified section to be available - for example, so that users ban buy/sell equipment. Posts are ok, but very limited. I would like to have categories, etc. A bit like Craigs List I suppose, in a smaller way.

As a second question, I do have AuctionPress - would it be foolish to install that as a page in Xenforo?

You can probably guess I am very new at this, so please be gentle!



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There is a bridge for Wordpress. has a $39 supported bridge.
So that could be an option.
I don't think anyone has tested AuctionPress for compatibility with the bridge.
Jaime who made the bridge is very receptive to code changes that make plugins more compatible.
Here's the list of known compatible addons.

There was a Classifieds Addon in the making ... but it has stopped.
Out of the ashes from that is this:

I will get in contact with ChrisTERis about this. Consider this mod picked up for porting and supported by the xenPoints community. Any contributions given will entitle those people to a license, seat on the Board for decisions of the direction of this mod. If anyone is interested in making a contribution of $75+ let me know so I can set it up properly on
Hope that helps.

This is definitely not a Style question ... it is an addon request.
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Oops, yes, not a style question. :(

I really appreciate the response, it gives me something to look into. Thanks!