XF 2.1 IPB Message Attachments


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The documentation for XF2 here still refers the user to look at the XF1 import first, although I do see IPB4 listed in the importer. Perhaps that will be updated soon (the XF2 section) , no matter. Its good to see it supports v4 however.

My query: When I last tried an import, no Message (as in PM) attachments were carried over from a test IPB3.4 system, although this was quite a while ago.

Has this been erm 'looked at' ? I'd sort of consider it a reasonable thing to import really all in all as they are part of the core system itself. I've not had chance to examine the newer code as I've only just renewed today (as my lic. expired previously at 2.0.9 for me, so its been 'a while')

Note there was not a problem with topic/thread attachments! Only those in PM's and generally the rest of the test import back then was relatively flawless , given that (as I would put it) "importing is not an exact science anyway" given you're moving from one platform to another things are never going to be 100% "out the box"

Thank you. :)

If time permits I will try a test import over the upcoming weekend if needed however I could not see anything relevant posted about this being included yet, hopefully if not it is on the developers "radar" so to speak.