XF 2.2 IPB 3 issue and emoji did not convert, [emoji512]


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So starting in IPB 3, importing to XF 1.5, and upgrading to XF 2.2, I have thousands of emoji bbcode.
[emoji512] (birthday cake)
I have thousands of these, all different numbers. In IPB they are emoji. Not sure how they became bbcode. How can I fix these?
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Okayyyyy I figured it out. These emoji were inserted by tapatalk users. The list is here:
Now how the heck would you fix the db to replace the ones used. Example:
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Looks like those "emoji" are hosted images at tapatalk so it's probably a lost cause at this point. A lot of work to replace the bbcode with the img codes.

Or could a query use the actual emoji as replacement?
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You would have to map the numbers in the [emoji] code to their corresponding unicode characters. It doesn't seem like they follow a scheme that makes this straightforward, so you'd probably have to enumerate them all to create the map manually. With 1000s of characters, that's probably just not worth it.
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