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IP-Content Database


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can someone create a Mod like the Ip-Content Database?

I have a lot of Entrys in our IP-Content Database and i will convert them to XenForo?

Can someone help?


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sorry for the push. but for me is important, that i find someone, who can create a mod, like the ip-content database.


Does vBulletin 4's ImpEx convert Ip.content to their suite? If you can get it impexed into vb4 as threads, you can then convert it to xenforo

just thinking outloud


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hi floris,

in a normal forum is not so good. we need the options from the ip-content database ( search, custom fields..........) i open a closed forum from us for a while, that you can see, what we do with the database.

here is a category sight: http://www.mmo-talk.de/f3/page/wq/_/ostliche-konigreiche/abyssische-tiefen/

here is an entry: http://www.mmo-talk.de/f3/page/wq/_/ostliche-konigreiche/abyssische-tiefen/das-sind-gar-keine-masken-r2982

and here are all categorys: http://www.mmo-talk.de/f3/index.php/page/wq

these is from a closed forum, that was imported to xenforo (testforum now). now i search a way, that i find a database for xenforo, that i can copy these entrys to the xenforo-board.

other idea is to buy a database software.....