IP.Board 3.x converts - your experience and feedback from your members?


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I'm once again considering moving my largest site (1.7 million posts) from IPB 3.1.4 to XF and wanted to hear from people who have already done it.

How long ago did you migrate to XF? How did the process go? And what do you and your members think of the change?

Did you lose any features (chat, blogs, gallery, downloads, etc.) and how did your members react to losing them (or did you find replacements and how are they working out)?

How have your moderators managed with the change? Do they find it easier or harder to mod with XF?

Are there any features you really miss that aren't currently available in XF?

How do you find your site's performance compared to IPB?

Have you seen a positive or negative impact on posting at your site since the change-over?

Have you noticed a change in your search engine traffic positive/negative?

Any advice to anyone considering moving from IPB to XF?

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I recently just converted from IPB 3.1.4 too. My original host had a hard drive break down so I took the opportunity to convert what I could salvage to Xenforo. The lost posts were due to incomplete database recovery, nothing to do with Xenforo whatsoever.

Web - http://all-final.com
Original statistic - 4,600 members, 1,200,000 or so posts.
Able to salvage - all members, 120,000 or so posts.

The conversion was quick, intuitive and super easy. Even forum permission and forum moderator was converted.

Activities seems to be obviously higher. But it might be due to 2 new final fantasy titles coming out.

The only thing missing was the ability for members to change their Display Name. My forum community had grown so accustomed to such feature it was quite hard for them to live without it now (I started allowing Display Name since 6 years or so ago on phpBB) Just a day ago, James created the add on for me. It's not 100% yet but I'm really eager to try it on my site nonetheless.

Anyway. Here are some of my member's feed back (translated from Thai).

thread - http://all-final.com/threads/84/

The old posts may not be here but I'm very eager to use this new forum. I especially like the layout and all the little trinkets, they are really exciting.
faster to load, easier to navigate and a ton easier to read.
The alert system is so cool. And the trophies.... *drool*
thread - http://all-final.com/threads/86/

Attaching is so quick and easy! And choosing them to be put in our post is really cool.