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IP Address Location Map?


Active member
I would like to keep my community strictly based on Southern California. How do I set it so new members outside Southern California do not join?

Here are 2 options i came up with:

1. Restrict new members that are located within the 90000 to 93599 Zip Codes of Southern California. Upon new user registration, they are required to enter the zip code. If it does not fall into that range of 90000 to 93599, then they are denied access.

2. A location map for Admin view only of the IP Address of each member. Shows a Map with droppins of each member. If i see an IP Address out of the range, I will deny their registration or remove them from the community.


Well-known member
With GeoIP it is no problem to restrict your users to a certain geographic area.

However you either need an Add-On (maybe you can adapt the country registration restriction add-on created by tenants?) or implement mod_geo module into your webserver to redirect non area users to an error page or simply deny access to them. The first does not allow registrations outside of your area and the second does not even allow to view your site for visitors from outside.