Invite a Friend and get XF to 1000 members

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Kier and Mike ...

How about incorporating some viralicity into XF like the big boys ie FaceBook ?

Maybe an invite a friend thingy and help push XF to 1000 members sooner

rather than later ?
Referral systems aren't really that useful. However if they do add it I can see it being tied into the trophies feature (e.g. get a trophy for referring 10 people, etc).


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Search for friends like on Facebook?
Facebook is the biggest network out there so if we are to integrate with FB, maybe we can take the best features on FB.


Inviting friends at the moment is useless, besides statistics. There's no demo for download, and no license to buy. People should realize if they hear or find out about this, they're privileged to help "test" and taste the alpha. Mike and Kier are overwhelmed with the posts as it is already.


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I honestly don't think they want or need more members. They already seem to be pretty overwhelmed. Remember, this was meant to be a private alpha, but the word kind of just leaked out. :p


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Facebook grew to this size partly because of their invite functions.

BTW facebook is not the largest network out there. QQ is. But thats always forgotten, because its mainly Chinese. Still 530 million accounts. Not unimportant.