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Gopala Subramanium

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I would like to invite you all to My name is Gopala Subramanium. Thanks for dropping in. Before you browse this, I would like to share the background and the reason to implement this interface with you.
Life is a journey, a journey full of experiences, some of which were successful and some which were not. What makes we human beings special is that, we learn from each of our experiences and develop ourselves for the next. We would have had numerous and varied experiences in our lives. Not all of us have same experiences or even if any of our experience were same, the outcome or the resources spent may not be the same. Just imagine if there exist, a directory, where we all can share all of our experiences which we may think would be useful to the rest of the community. Anyone of us, if struck, can refer to this directory and get the desired outcome in a much shorter time and with much lesser spent.
This is what the ethos behind the concept “www.FixMyStuff.In” is. At FixMyStuff.In we say, “Let’s fix and help fix…”, a platform where all of us can share our experiences which would benefit the rest of the community. The words “Fix” and “Stuff” may be more associated to non-livings but the platform does not bear such restrictions and covers any experience which can be of any help to the community.
It is a nice concept to implement but is very wide to cover and the most challenging part of it would be to structure the experience posts in a way that the needy user is able to easily find what he needs.
Let us begin the journey of sharing and helping, what it costs you is just a little time...our minutes can help in saving hours. Your feedback is very important to me, please leave your valuable feedback here.
Thankyou very much for your time,