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Invision Power vs XenForo Member Profile Tabs


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Web designers following UI/UX tend to agree that the horizontal sub-menu on a social page has the preference.
This allows for the "F" way of reading, supporting profile details such as module-boxes to be on the left, and dynamic per page. Rather than requiring their own page(s). Heatmaps during a/b testing seem to support this theory as well.


I agree.

A other profit of this is, that you have more space and you can add more tabs (which is IMO a horror at the current profile!)


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You can define more tabs vertically. I imagine with all the mods there are avaliable (Albums, infractions, medals etc.) the profile tabs get too much populated and get messy. Either there must be some sort of scrolling function to slide to other tabs when there are to much of them or the vertical view is more appropriate.