XF 2.2 Invalid h1 attribute


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Heading level 1​

Heading level 2​

Heading level 3​

When Heading 1 is set, the code shows h2
I think that is the way it is designed for within posts , as h1 is the main page heading.

Yes, that is correct (see above)

The page title is h1, so post level 1 is h2, post level 3is h3, level 3 is h4.

It is explained in the thread I linked to.
I am writing to the fact that there is a specificity of the designation of attributes, this is the same as requiring you to write code according to standards. If all over the world heading 2 is h2, then why should everything be different here?
It all makes sense to me that the page title is the h1 and highest level. Post headings are below that so start with h2.

Otherwise there could be a lot of h1s on the page when they are actually functioning as subheadings of the main page title.

So think of the hierarchy of page (thread) containing posts within that page so the top level heading of a post should be subordinate to the page, hence the headings in a post start at 2.

The way it appears seems good for usability as most users would be thinking relative to their own post and so the top heading of their post is level 1 to them.

To call it level 2 (relative to the page ) could confuse a lot of users .
You could change this in appearance > phrases

Change the text of phrase heading_1 to Heading 2 etc…

This would make sense to you but could confuse users if they wonder why no heading 1
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