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Hello fellow XenForo users,

We from intheGame(Dutch Gaming Community) are on the net for a while now and our forum style is almost where we want it in appearance and design.
Now it's time that I share with you our forum so I would like you guys to share a view, ofcourse comments are most welcome.
I would like to invite you to come over and take a look and leave behind a comment(here) what your findings are. If you have a remark or you see that we can something improve, just let me know. Obviously a good idea will be used to expand our forum.
If you like my / our forum you can share a like here, this motivates me to continue with this project!



Visit us at:



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I quite like the design. I like the menu link icons.

I don't like the light skin style, and the top orange background. The logo's fine, in fact it fits well for the site.


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Maybe I have to blur the content background of our style to make it slight darker, could you tell me how to do that?
And also which color code fits best?

Thanks for your comment.

I like the fact that you show the active streams that are going on and it has a red notification on the button to show that there is live streams. I like the initial landing page and I feel it makes the site more accessible.


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We made some changes over time, new textlogo etc. Hopefully you like how the forum is now.
Also this year we will have a new website, also the forum will be changed in style to match the new site.