Interviews with community builders or forum developers


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After seeing several new reviews at Forum Promotion and The Admin Zone, and seeing some of them reprinted or linked to at this forum for comment, I was wondering if any other members here (besides Jonathan and Sandman) have interviewed community builders or forum developers? I would like to read them, if you have any to share.


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@MrBrian: Thank you for sharing.

@ Jethro: Where can I look to see when it has been posted?
Will post up when it gets done and dusted .... actually reminds me I'm missing a match report ... to the batprocessor ...


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@ Jethro: Looking forward to it.

As for my own shameless promotion, I interviewed Patrick O'Keefe:

I knew Mr. O'Keefe had no shortage of interviews under his belt, so I tried to personalize my questions, and I got some basic details out of the way in the introduction to help prevent a feeling of déjà vu.


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Thank you for reading it, Jethro; I am glad you liked it.

I am preparing an interview with another community builder. I hope that the person I contact is interested.


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By the way, I just published that interview alluded to above:

Interview with Martin Reed — Just Chat, Female Forum, and Community Spark founder.

I am soon to publish another interview, this time with a web designer. I am particularly excited about this one, as the person I am questioning this time has not, to my knowledge, been interviewed before, and so I believe there is a much greater opportunity to inform people about a talent hitherto not featured except "quietly" through the brilliant layouts she makes for other websites and her own.


That won't work. We haven't used the blog since the end of 2010 :)

The First XenForo Interview
XenFans Interview with Shaun Mason from the Tradition Sports Online community
[User] Third Interview with Kier Darby

Please note that the xenfans interviews are read to be meant, not read to be re-published (beyond fair use). If you want written permission to publish the interview on your site please do contact me - I am sure we can work something out.

Enjoy reading!

Talking about interviews, I got interviewed a few time, one of them being a video;