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Earlier this week, The Sandman published an interview that he did with Mike:
The Sandman said:
It's hard to imagine a more hectic time for a forum software developer than during the alpha phase of a brand new product for a brand new company. The company and the software are called XenForo. The official XenForo Community launched only a month and a half ago and it's already a very busy place indeed. The look and feel of the forum is simple, clean and organic but the atmosphere is quite reminiscent of the of old, and many of the faces are familiar. You'll definitely recognize the names of Team XenForo - Kier Darby, Mike Sullivan, and Ashley Busby. In our first XenForo interview, Mike has somehow carved out enough time to answer some questions for the Admin Zone...
Read the whole interview on The Admin Zone Forums:

Interview with Mike Sullivan - XenForo Developer

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