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Interview with Jasper Aguila

The Sandman

Well-known member
We've just completed an Interview with Jasper Aguila - a former vBulletin employee.

How did you become interested in Online Communities?
I’ve been creating and developing online communities since I was 10 years old, having established a series of community boards for my guild at Neopets - a virtual pet community.

It was in my high school years that I began refining my community development skills and generating real income. In 2007, I founded, designed, developed, and sold a number of vBulletin powered communities for huge amounts of profits. Though, only a few of those websites still exist today due to loss of interest/neglect from the owners.

Although I considered myself a community development expert, I was lacking the “professional skills” needed in the business world. So in August of 2010, I applied for the marketing position at vBulletin to work in a professional office environment. Since then, I’ve expanded my marketing and community development skill set, and have made tons of connection.


Well-known member
I would like to give a great thanx to admizone staff for their efforts to connect with various of well known staffs. (y)
Jasper Aguila wish you the best in life.;)