Interview w/ a Network owner who sold to Verticalscope & Internet Brands


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Thanks for sharing Brandon.

It's great to get some perspective from those that have had those experiences.

I recently had some inquiries on selling and have been entertaining some. We'll see if I sell my first ever forum that I started back in 2007 ;)

Brandon Sheley

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Thanks everyone,

I'm told there are some typo's, so I'll try to get those fixed asap.
I pretty much just put the interview up last night right before bed, so I didn't proof the answers before posting.

Glad everyone has enjoyed it. (y)


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Someone made a killing selling traffic to IB. Although, I bet IB makes enough in ad revenue to easily make it back.

Brandon Sheley

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Thanks everyone, I'm glad some of you have enjoyed it.
It's going to be tough to follow up this one and the one from Joe Ward, but we're going to