Internet Brands is suing Google

Adam Howard

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OK, I thought it was very stupid of them to go after XenForo. Not just because I believe they're wrong, but the long term public relations damage alone they'll have to dig themselves out of... Assuming so if they can even make out. Nothing hurts a company more than bad press and bad word of mouth.

But whoever is running the show over there.... Clearly is missing a few screws if they really think they have any grounds to take on Google. :rolleyes:

They're going to get crushed under the sure weight of that company, never mind the bad press or poor word of mouth. o_O


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I must applaud the author of the article on the link: Very good article, reads fast, enough details and yet not boring.
Definitely worth a read!

But on the other hand, suing Google is like going to buy your coffin :O


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Unbelievable! You'd think that they had enough bad press with the xF lawsuit. :(

At least the good thing will be that the focus will be off of xF and maybe they'll simply drop the efforts on this side :)