Add-on International add-on to show flags, countries, languages, etc.

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I would love to have on our user profiles an extra tab that tells people a little more about where they come from and what countries they've lived in and what languages they speak.

Here is a sample of what I mean. The first screen shot is the 'set-up' in the user's actual profile; also see what it looks like to the right, showing followers in that particular person's network and how many nationalities are represented.

The second picture shows what this actually looks like when someone visits that person's profile (it still shows their network on the right.

Can this be done? If so, for how much?
international add on, set up.png international add on, result on profile.png

Core Freedom

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I haven't gotten any responses for anyone wanting to do this, but I did find revolvermaps and placed it on my home page. It's a little widget with a revolving planet that shows the flags of those logged in. I think a guy in Germany designed it. You can see it on my home page, very bottom widget to my right sidebar.

I still would like a more detailed mod that automatically places flags when people fill out where they're from, as part of their sign up form. Would be nice. :)
Hi! A nice idea. I would need a function so members can fill in what countries / citys they have visited. To bad there are'nt any responses on this =/.

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I am actually using the current customized template to do that. It works but it's not giving me the flags, which I wanted. I also use it for people to write what languages they speak.

All you need to do is go to your admin panel, then select 'users', then 'custom user fields' and then create 'new field.' I would be happy to show you what mine looks like but I don't think it's accessible without registering. You'll get the hang of it once you do one or two.
Aha.. ok! Do you let the users type in for themselves or do you let them choose countries / citys from a list? Do you have a printscreen on how it looks for the users when they are going to choose / type what they have visitied.


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At first I had a list of countries but that would have made the list super long, especially since we already have members from at least a couple of dozens of different countries. So now it's set so they can simply add the counties and languages themselves using commas.

Hope this helps. :)